A clause consists of a predicate, its complements and adjuncts. (Gibson, 1973, p. 74) Clauses may be differentiated according to their dependency, or lack there of.

Independent clauses are grammatically free constructions. The simplest clause consists of a predicate. More complex clauses context a predicate accompanied by its adjuncts. (Gibson, 1973, p. 76)

Dependent clauses occur as adjuncts to other grammatical constructions. They are introduced by subordinating particles and the predicate has dependent referent inflection. (Gibson, 1973, p. 76)


Example in the Secwepmctsín Context of a Simple Independent Clause (Gibson, 1973, p 77)
Example in the Secwepmctsín Context of a Dependent Clause (Gibson, 1973, p. 83)


Gibson, J. A. (1973). Shuswap grammatical structure. [Doctoral dissertation, The University of Hawaii].