Words that are mono-morphemic contain only a single morpheme.


  • Hul’q’umi’num’:
    • qwé ‘pass through‘ is composed of a single morpheme
  • Skwxwú7mesh

  • Secwepemctsín
    • The following example is an example of a word with only one morpheme in Secwepemctsín.
Lai, 1996, p. 37
  • Gibson (1973, p. 25) also provides examples of mono-morphemic roots in Secwepemctsín, provided below.
    • k̓əˈx ‘to dry meat
    • xʷík̓ ‘to dry fish
    • táx̩ʷ ‘be a thin onject hanging down
    • líx̩ ‘be alternating spaces and solids