A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of a word with an independent meaning (ie., grammatical function, inflection)


  • Hul’q’umi’num’

  • Skwxwú7mesh

  • Secwepemctsín:
    • In the example provided below, the first line in the gloss represents the phrase in Secwepemctsín and each morpheme separated by a “.”. The meanings of each morpheme are provided in the second line, and the English translation is provided in the last line. In this example, the morphemes are:
    • Secwé
      • Shuswap
    • -cw-
      • 1 person singular reduplicated
    • -pemc-
      • 1 person singular
    • -ken
      • indicative mood
(Lai, 1996, p. 7)