A stem often refers to the base of a multimorphemic or polymorphemic word. That is to say, a stem represents a word without its inflections.

In Skwxwu7mesh, the verbal stem may consist of the root, lexical prefixes, and the verbal prefixes. (Jacobs, 2011, p. 37)

Secwepemctsín stems are classified into three categories: root stems, derived stems, and compound stems. (Gibson, 1973, pp. 37-38)


Example in the Skwxwu7mesh Context of Stem kw’lh Immediately Followed by Transitivizer -at (Jacobs, 2011, p. 50)
Example in the Secwepemctsín Context of a Compound Stem, Morphologically Segmented and Defined in Parentheses (Gibson, 1973, p. 39)


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