Verb Phrase


In Skwxwu7mesh, a verb phrase (VP) necessarily consists of the verb and its objects, while the subject occupies a position outside of the VP. This assumption adequately captures a number of subject/object asymmetries, but faces some challenges in regards to subjects external to the VP, which is remedied by VP-internal subject hypothesis. (Jacobs, 2011, p. 290)

Additionally, the verb phrase consists of optional aspectual clitics followed by the head verb and may also be marked for person, number, and tense. All verbs are marked for transitivity which is thereby included in the verbal phrase. (Jacobs, 2013, p. 3-10)


Examples in the Skwxwu7mesh Context of Verb Phrases using Verb ‘eat’. (Jacobs, 2013, p. 6)


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