Verbal Adjunct


A predicate head of any of the three verbal predicate head types in Halkomelem (i.e., intransitive, active transitive, passive) with or without nominal adjuncts may be followed by an additional verb. This verb is secondary to the head and may introduce an oblique nominal adjunct. These secondary verbs specify location, direction of motion, and a few notions of other sorts that are expressed by prepositions in the English context. Therefore, verbal adjuncts may conveniently be called prepositional verbs. (Suttles, 2004, p. 70)


Examples in the Halkomelem Context of Verbal Adjuncts where ʔi and ni Function as Locatives (Suttles, 2004, p. 71)


Suttles, W. (2004). Musqueum reference grammar. UBC Press. SFU Student Access.*